4 Ways Strength Training Improves Your Running Game

February 10, 2016

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Dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise bands…what does all of this equipment have to do with running? It turns out, it can mean the difference between running good and running great!

With a bit of resistance training using some light - moderate weights or bands, and even your own body weight makes a huge difference in going further, longer.

Tasha Turnbull of T2 Fitness and our latest BGR! U instructor breaks down why strength training is beneficial to your running game, and at the end of this post, learn how you can incorporate strength training as part of your fitness routine beginning March 1!

These are Tasha’s top reasons you should add strength training to your fitness routine:

  • Ease of motion: Studies have shown that the more muscle you have on your body, the easier it’ll be on your joints while running. In turn, your motion becomes more efficient as your body will require less energy to complete the movements.
  • Smoother stride: According to Tasha, “building muscle mass increases your body's range of motion which can enhance the fluidity of your stride and reduce your chance of injury.” #PreservetheSexy
  • Endurance: Strength is power. Tasha says strength training helps to “improve your strength and ability to push your body forward for long distances.” In addition, toning key body parts that propel the body forward when running like your hips, glutes and core will help lessen muscle imbalances.
  • Preserve the sexy: Tasha says it best, “In essence, strength training helps to increase your posture, improve muscle stabilization (especially core muscles), reduce your chance of injury, improve muscular imbalances, and improve your running economy (the rate at which your body uses oxygen while running) which can all improve your running speed and performance.” #YesPlease
  • *Bonus*: These results can change your body composition, decreasing body mass, rev up your metabolism and give you a leaner look!

Interested in learning more about strength training or ready to take this next step in improving your running game and in turn, your health and fitness level? Sign up for our next BGR! U course, Tone Your Run with Tasha here. Class begins March 1!

*BGR! U was recently named to the first ever #Rodale100, honoring trailblazers positively impacting lives around the world, alongside the literal movers and shakers of the wellness industry, like Nike and Fitbit

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Stacy Cornish
Stacy Cornish

March 23, 2016

Hello Toni, I live in the south jersey area of (Hamilton township) …right outside of Atlantic City. I am trying to find a good trainer or information to help me prepare for my first 5k run. I am a member at “Anytime Fitness” gym, so I do have access to a lot of machinery and equipment to help me get stronger, I just don’t think I’m quite there yet. Can you HELP!!

Thank you,
Stacy Cornish

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