"Run Happy" and Pin

April 01, 2013



Awwww! Spring is FINALLY on it's way (hopefully), but with the arrival of April, there IS one thing we're guaranteed. Rain. The old adage, "April Showers Bring May Flowers," can be heard around the country. Whether or not there's any truth to that is questionable as discussed in Slate Magazine, but there's no need to get technical.  What we do know is that, we can bet that rain is one of the hurdles we'll have to jump to get to the coveted summer months. We're keeping hope (and positivity) alive with our "Run Happy" Motivation board on Pinterest inspired by Brooks and their "run happy" mantra. If you're in a rut, can't bring yourself to run in inclement weather, or just plain tired, there's sure to be something there to keep you inspired. But, don't stop there, we want to know how you run happy! (Check out my BEST race photo showing me running happy!) So, what are you waiting for, go there and pin away!

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