I Ran the T-Mobile Newport Liberty Half Marathon

September 27, 2015

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I ran the T-Mobile Newport Liberty Half Marathon on Sunday, 20 September.  I showed up early to ensure that I found parking and the starting line in a timely manner.  Surprisingly enough, parking and the event was easy to locate.  The turn out was amazing.  Music and venders everywhere.  The air was filled with excitement and encouragement.  I felt very welcomed and comfortable.  I ran into some BGR! sisters that I had only communicated with through social media.  To fellowship in person was a real treat.  After checking my bag, I headed to the start line.  I felt ready and anxious to get the show on the road.  I trained for this, I was hydrated, and though I only lost 4 of the 10 pounds that I aimed for, I felt pretty confident that it would not hinder my performance. 


There was a countdown and the race began.  My thoughts were just keep it steady and keep it moving.  The run route was one of the most beautiful I have scene.  The run through the downtown area of Hoboken and through Liberty Park with views of the Statue of Liberty and the Verranzano Bridge were remarkable.  The scenery definitely kept my mind from thinking any negative thoughts.  People were pretty consistently placed and lined the entire run route to cheer on the runners.  There were a few dead spot where people were not located but very few.  Several of the BGR sisters had showed up to motivate and cheer us through until the end.  I appreciated seeing the ladies, the signs of encouragement, and hearing the tambourines.  I could tell they had done this several times before.  Around mile 9 and 10 I started to feel hotspots on my feet but I was able to push through until the finish with a time of 2:40.  I was aiming for 2:30, however, I am still proud of my accomplishment and my time.  After the run, there were refreshments to refuel our bodies and lots of giveaways and entertainment.  I stayed around to soak up and bask in the ambience of victoriously completing my second half marathon. 

I definitely plan to participate in the T-Mobile Newport Liberty Half Marathon again next year.  I hope to see you there.

Bambi Sharpe, BGR! North Jersey

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shuwanna greene
shuwanna greene

November 08, 2015

Great Job!

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