What’s Your Snacking Personality?

January 27, 2017

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 What’s Your Snacking Personality?

By Toni Carey (@toni_carey/@blackgirlsrun)


My husband and I were in the grocery store last week meandering through the produce section when he stopped near a massive display of apples.

"I need to pick up some night, night apples."

"Huh??," I said. “What??”

He said, “I need some apples. My night, night apples.”

He went on to explain, that each night before he goes to bed, he has an apple, to you know, hit the spot before dozing off into dreamland.

Clearly, it was something that I hadn’t noticed (not sure how), but it made me think about my own snacking habits.

For me, before bed I usually want something a little sweet to eat, so I’ll grab a handful of dates or coconut date rolls if I’m feeling froggy. During the day, I try my hardest not to snack and if I do, it’s either on an apples or carrots and celery (which I’ve been obsessed with lately.). But here’s the caveat. This is all if I’m having a good week.

But, if it’s a terribly stressful week, I’m PMS’ing, or just not being intentional about my eating, I’m inclined to grab sesame seed crackers and nut cheese, tortilla chips, or gluten and dairy free chocolate chip cookies. OMG. THEY ARE MY JAM.

And it’s not to say that snacking is bad. There are many nutrition philosophies that actually encourage snacking throughout the day to prevent blood sugar dips, which is the primary cause of hangriness. And trust, besides world peace, my goal in life is to prevent the savageness and destruction caused by the world being hangry.

So, if snacking isn’t bad, then why do the bells and alarms in my head go off in a flurry of panic at the thought of snacking might actually being okay.

As mentioned previously, 9 times out of 10, snacking goes wrong. Most times I’m NOT reaching for carrot or celery sticks. Most times, I’m not all like, “Hey, I’m so stressed right now, let me eat an apple,” or “I’m binge watching Drunk History, why not veg out with some seeds and nuts.”

While I SO want to be that person, stress-induced snacking more often than not makes me want to grab the closest, unhealthiest indulgence. Just ask my husband. There’s been several times when he’s settling in to watch a little television with a hankering for some sweet & salty popcorn, only to find that I have devoured the entire bag. And let me just say, that is NOT the way to a blissful marriage.

So, how are we possibly supposed to navigate whether to snack or not to snack? And what does “proper” snacking actually look like?

Glad you asked!

Meta Appetite Control partnered with registered dietitian nutritionist Jessica Fishman Levinson MS, RDN, CDN, to create six Snack ID profiles and to provide healthy snacking tips, customized for each profile.

To bring these Snack IDs to life, Meta Appetite Control partnered with POPSUGAR to turn these Snack ID profiles and tips into an interactive, online quiz.

And let me just say, the quiz nailed my snacking personality. I mean, SPOT ON.

I am the “Mindless Muncher”. After smashing any given bag of anything (healthy or not), I often realize, “Shoot, I wasn’t really hungry. I’m thirsty.” or “OMG. I literally just ate an entire bag of chips. Whooops!”

Their recommendation? Basically, mindfulness, which Ashley and I discuss in our latest podcast. But, if I find that just can’t kick the cravings, adding Meta Appetite Control to my juice or smoothie is a great alternative to help me feel less hungry between meals.* If you’re interested in trying  Meta Appetite Control yourself, we’re sharing a few coupons to save you some money. Just click here.

I always say that knowing is half the battle and if you’re like me, once I’m aware of something, the more inclined I am to make the changes I need to accomplish my goals.

So, if you’re wondering what type of snacker you are, and how you can manage your snacking tendencies, take the Pop Sugar Snack ID quiz to help you continue to reset with us in 2017. Don’t forget to let us know what type of snacker you are by using #BGRReset and #MetaSnackID.

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Mary Fitzpatrick
Mary Fitzpatrick

January 27, 2017

This was very helpful and accurate.

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