We can do better for future generations. #OptOutside 2019

October 24, 2019

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“We can do better for future generations.
We must act now.” Eric Artz, REI CEO

Every year I look forward to my two favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A great time with family, friends, schedule slows down and good food. Did I mention, good food? But, each year Thanksgiving seems to be cut super short by the madness of Black Friday. And, I have to admit I have been caught in a line or two camping out with hundreds of others, trying to get one of those 7 televisions! LOL!

But, in recent years, Black Friday has become too crazy for me and I have been wanting that feeling of getting back to family, community and what matters most!

So, BGR! Nation is excited to be teaming up with REI again for #OptOutside. REI is again shaking things up with its #OptOutside, and is closing all of its 150+ stores and paying all 13,000+ employees to take the day off, because Thanksgiving is a time to reconnect with the people you love, in the places you love! This year they are taking it a step further and encouraging us to Opt to Act by kicking off a year long campaign to change the way we view the world we live in, but taking a pledge to take simple actions to reduce our impact, get active and leave the world better than before.

This Black Friday (November 29), our wallets are taking a rest day and we will be outside enjoying nature and enjoying life. We will have planned events in several cities across the country, so be sure to stay tuned to attend an event near you! 

For more information, to sign up for a clean up event or share how you want to help change the world, please visit: https://www.rei.com/opt-outside.

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Adriana Mayers
Adriana Mayers

December 17, 2019


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