Sleep More, Live More

August 01, 2016


It's true! A good night's sleep leaves us feeling ready to conquer the world!

Well, the good folks at MyBestBox believe happiness is the highest form of health and a healthy life full of happiness begins with a great night's sleep.

Mybestbox is an eCommerce company that helps women jump-start and maintain healthy lifestyles in a convenient and affordable way. They assemble boxes with essential items that cover a broad range of health and wellness areas. Additionally, they donate portions of their profits to charities that specialize in feeding the underprivileged in Baltimore and providing clean water to people in Africa.

Did you know that, in the United States, 40% get less than the recommended amount of sleep per night. Me included! 

So, I had the opportunity to try out their "mybestsleep" box, and let me say the lavender was amazing! The packaging comes in a very cute box, wrapping and smells awesome!

The box included a wide array of things to make your sleep the best!


I absolutely fell in loveeee with the Truce Lavender & Citrus Room & Pillow Spray and GreenAir Scent Pod Oil Diffuser!

This box made me a true fan of mybestbox. Check out their mybestyoga, mybestskin and soon to come mybestrun! Definitely worth a try or become a subscriber to receive monthly boxes! #mybestbox

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Melissa Kahn
Melissa Kahn

August 31, 2016

I loved this article. I was just today talking with someone about the importance of getting GOOD rest. Quality sleep, etc… especially as it relates to fitness and health in general. No sleep is no good! Thanks for a great article!

~Melissa Kahn


August 02, 2016

I sleep more than 7 hours and feel very fresh but sometime i feel very tired while sleeping more than 7 hours.

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