February 15, 2017


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Who knows pushing boundaries better than Black Girls RUN! co-founders Toni Carey & Ashley Hicks-Rocha? They transformed the running industry and the state of black women’s health, now they’re sharing what they’ve learned to help all women take back their health and their lives in a candid (and comical) bi-weekly podcast called Pick Up the Pace. This engaging, relatable (and sometimes unpredictable) podcast will help women from all walks transform their lives from the inside out featuring weekly guests that will have everyone picking up the pace….or maybe even slowing it down.

The two chat about Toni's latest blog post, Be Authentically You, and the quote , "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

 Resources mentioned in the podcast:

You can find Black Girls Run online at:

website: www.blackgirlsrun.com
instagram: www.instagram.com/officialblackgirlsrun
twitter: www.twitter.com/blackgirlsrun

You can find the hosts online at: 

Toni Carey
instagram: www.instagram.com/toni_carey
twitter: www.twitter.com/toni_carey

Ashley Hicks-Rocha
instagram: www.instagram.com/amhicks01
twitter: www.twitter.com/amhicks01

If you have questions or would like to suggest a show topic or guest, email us at info@blackgirlsrun.com.  

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February 17, 2017

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Dominique Jennings
Dominique Jennings

February 16, 2017

I love this podcast because it is so up lifting and a nice change from my true crime and history podcast. I love listening the content it is educational and inspiring. Only negative to your podcast is Ashley’s mic comes off really loud and echoed compared to Toni’s mic. So when I turn down the volume to listen to Ashley I can’t hear Toni, I will continue to listen but some people maybe turned off by that.

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