Getting Hyped About the BGR Sweat with your Sole Conference!

August 12, 2016


by Kim Cabness - Suwanee, GA,   

So wound up about the BGR Sweat With Your Sole conference, I’ve decided to make sure I not only have a fantastic time, but a successful and beneficial weekend; something that’s all about me.  I’m determined to plan and get organized for it, so nothing is missed.  

Ideally, I know I don’t have to prepare for the conference.  I’m registered and energized, that’s really enough.  I just need to pull out my favorite outfits, clear my memory on my phone, so that I can take lots of pictures and get ready to have a jam-packed weekend.  Yet, I’m thinking that I may just have a little more fun if I take a few measures before September.   I wonder if I’d feel a little more confident in attending the seminars and running the 10K, if I were prepared physically and mentally.

I’m thinking that I may use this next few weeks to not only begin to decide which sessions I will attend, but start making a few changes in my eating habits.   This healthy lifestyle is no longer going to be a goal I’m trying to reach; it’s just a way of life I intend to live.  I will start a modified plant based diet for me.  I’m getting rid of the meat and cutting down on the dairy and eggs.   I’m thinking that if I cut out the high saturated fats and replace it with some detoxifying fruits and veggies; I may start doing my body some good.  I can build healthier bones and increase my blood protein levels just by eating more vegetables.  I can almost visualize my arteries filled with vegetables are probably healthier than if I were to just decrease carbohydrates.  Statistics say that vegans often experience lower body weight without losing muscle mass.  If this is the case, why exactly do I need a beef burger?

As of today, I’m packing in the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber from plant based foods.  I’m going to allow them to do some BODY WORK for me.  They can reduce some risk of cancer and other diseases.  They can assist with protecting me from bone and brain diseases.  They can decrease my chances of obesity.

This plant based diet can get some work done for me, while I start selecting my sessions to attend during the conference.    

Can't wait to see you there.


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July 28, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Candice Marbury
Candice Marbury

September 06, 2016

I’m so excited to be attending the 2016 SWYS conference this month in Atlanta. This will be my very 1st 5K ever. I’ve been training super hard and look forward to meeting other BGR ladies and learning a lot at the seminars. There will be many more races that I will be participating in and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I am receiving with each run….oh and not to mention the weight that I have already lost. My running groups are absolutely great and the SoMD Ambassadors are so supportive. Shout out to Teonna Wallop and Alexis Henson and so many others that coordinate as well. Love the BGR family

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