Three beauty, fashion and music icons you NEED to know!

August 24, 2015

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At BGR! headquarters, we are inspired every day by our community.  No doubt, when I hear a story of a woman changing her life, I think... can it be that I'm really a part of this?  That I co-founded this movement!!!??  I am so honored to have that small part in your stories.   

Little did you know, but other black women are inspired by BGR! runners too. And they're not just runners. They're from the beauty, fashion and music world. I really want you all to meet Crystal, Bridgett and LAMIK founder, and hear it straight from them.

Crystal Monee Hall, Singer/Songwriter

Crystal Monee Hall is one of the most talented, extraordinary singer-songwriters in music today. Over the course of her career, Crystal has replaced Jennifer Hudson in a Disney production, starred on Broadway in RENT, backed Mariah Carey and Elton John, and toured the world for two and a half years as the lead singer of The Mickey Hart Band. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her new album, produced by the core team behind John Legend’s Grammy-winning “Love Into the Future." It is a work replete with themes of love, equality, activism and the importance of the arts in giving a voice to the unheard.

Black Girls RUN! has inspired Crystal in her songwriting and motivated her to be an even more positive role model for Black women. She believes that, "to be the change and inspire change, whether through fitness or activism, you have to be willing to change yourself first," and BGR! has been an essential piece of this change.  Since engaging with BGR!, Crystal has adopted a regular workout regimen and a clean eating diet, both of which have improved her energy and restored her voice after periodic vocal problems. Although she says “Black girls walk briskly in the meantime," she is excited to be a part of BGR! and is on track to completing her first 5K with the organization! Over the fall and spring, BGR! will be getting exclusive access to her new project, behind the scenes studio content, and live performances at our BGR! race events. Keep your eyes open for Crystal's new hits dropping this fall!

Bridgett Artise, Designer & Founder of Born Again Vintage

Bridgett Artise, designer at Born Again Vintage, has reinvented the ways of sustainable fashion and changed the ways of affordable luxury. She shares how her business began and what inspires her. "Starting out as Reconstruction Designer was very challenging, there very few to no one else doing it. I couldn't look to another brand for inspiration nor guidance. I was doing something that I was passionate about and at the time, that was all I was concerned about. It wasn't until I got the book deal did I take any of it seriously or did I realize how "green" or sustainable what I was doing really was. I've always been an outside of a box thinker and it has paid off for me tenfold. I say all of this to say, your passion very rarely steers you wrong. Perseverance is key!

BGR! runners inspire me because it makes me think of me just starting out and knowing what I wanted to accomplish but how it looked so overwhelming and just like you guys, you keep at it. You keep at it days when maybe you don't want to run or you are not feeling good but you keep your eyes on the prize. To stay motivated is an accomplishment that rarely gets acknowledgment...I acknowledge YOU and I salute YOU!" - Bridgett Artise

Kim Roxie, Founder of LAMIK Cosmetics

Kim Roxie, founder of LAMIK cosmetics is building an empire that began in her apartment. Kim tells BGR! U what inspires and motivates her to succeed."LAMIK began in my apartment while attending Clark Atlanta University my senior year. I created LAMIK (an acronym) based on the mission it stands for Love And Makeup In Kindness. Love and Kindness is your true makeup, because Beauty is revealed, not applied. Pursuing our mission daily, creating products that bring that mission to life, it is the most enjoyable 24 hours 7 days a week calling I could be driven by! The LAMIK Company Rocks!

I'm inspired by the Beauty of my Mother Loretta. She had Love for everyone, showed Kindness to anyone, and had flawless milk chocolate skin, she enjoyed Makeup! When I started LAMIK, my mother invested $500 dollars. Last year, When we were celebrating a decade of being in business, I also had to celebrate her life, because we laid her to rest in October to Breast cancer. So what continues to inspire me is my mother's beauty which can be translated by the acronym LAMIK. Loretta Always Madeup In Kim.

I'm looking forward to the Black Girls RUN! & LAMIK Partnership being a life changing agreement. It will signify to black girls that beauty on the outside most be transparent of the inside. I remember going by the BGR! Convention in Atlanta last year, and seeing the excitement and enthusiasm the girls possessed while there! That's when I knew LAMIK has a place within the BGR! mission & family. Since BGR! founder is black and I'm black it shows Black Girls Running together for Success, which means we all Win!!" - Kim Roxie

Thank you to Crystal, Bridgett and Kim for being part of our All Access Summer Series. You're incredible.

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