3 Runners Share Results for a Nutrition Overhaul

August 20, 2015


Deneen Young shared the story of her first BGR! meet-up with us recently. She had been running outside by herself at 4:30 a.m., and decided it would be safer if she found others to run with her.

She asked the BGR! group... and soon she was a run coordinator, an ambassador and then became a Health and Fitness coach. And motivational speaker. And life coach.

It's amazing how change is set in motion with a first step forward. Deneen made a decision to love herself, and like herself, and then she took action. (Check out the podcast here).

I want everyone to consider another first step.

We launched 21 days of clean eating this summer, and we're doing it again this fall beginning September 14. This time, there's a weight loss protocol to follow, and different recipes for fall.

Check out the experiences of some of our summer series participants -


“It allowed me to figure out that too much gluten affects my sleep. I can sleep for the first time in years. It made me consider carefully what I eat and why.” - Lisa Proctor, BGR! New York






“BGR! U has been a welcome change in my daily routine to become a healthier person.  Nutrition plays a major role in living a healthy lifestyle; therefore, it’s very easy to lose track of what foods are good for us.  We are a very taste conscious society so if it doesn’t taste good we mostly likely will not eat it.  Since I have started the 21-day challenge, I had to refocus on what it takes to get more healthy and fit.  Although I run a lot of half marathons and long distance bike rides, I wasn’t eating the right types of food to properly fuel my body for endurance.  I had always been a big fast food eater, but the clean eating challenge has significantly reduced my junk food habit.  I never thought that I would be able to kick my Coke addiction again, but I haven’t had one since July 1st.  I have lost nearly 10 lbs and several inches off my waistline. The 21-day challenge has helped me become more conscious of what I’m eating because I’m learning how to read food labels. Thanks for offering a great program.” -Vivian Prewitt, BGR! Memphis   












“At first I was a little nervous about being able to follow this program, but that feeling quickly diminished on my first day when I started drinking the smoothies.  My favorite is the Papaya Greensicle and my 8-year old grandson liked it too.  After 2 weeks into the program, I realized that I have more energy, I don’t feel bloated, puffy or aching when I wake up in the mornings.  I eat less meat and more vegetables.  I’m glad that I can add more green vegetables into my diet at every meal.  I thought I ate healthy before but now I have learned what I was lacking and will definitely be eating this way from now on.” -Phyllis Johnson, BGR! Tampa



I'm blown away by the results for these runners, and also for myself (more on my experience here!).  I hope you'll all consider joining in for the fall course. As runners nutrition is SO important, and it's a critical part of getting what we want out of our run.

I bet some of you still have questions! Share your questions or concerns in the comments on this post or on Facebook. We'll ask Registered Dietitian Danielle Omar, who leads the course, to share her answers! In the meantime, book your spot and register here!


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Maya Khan
Maya Khan

March 30, 2016

Great program. We should follow a routine and nutrition food plan. We can add a protein bar for daily routine. We have a protein bar brand.



August 20, 2015

Would this program cater to pescatarians as well?

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