Born Again Vintage: Tips on upcycling your workout look

August 11, 2015

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By Bridgett Artise, Designer at Born Again Vintage

To get the motivation to work out and keep working out is a triumph for many. We use all types of inspiration to keep the flow of motivation going. Looking cute while working is not a necessity but why not look good while trying to look better! Here are very easy tips to revamp your work out look:


  • Fold in half (vertically), seam to seam and cut ovals out from top of waistband to top of shoulder seam – not only do you have a updated look you keep the warmth of a sweatshirt with the added benefit of cooling off by having your arms and sides out.

  • Create a crop sweatshirt but cutting off the waistband but be sure to try on first and mark how much you would like to cut, one false move and a crop can turn into a fashion don’t! If you are feeling daring…cut the sleeves too – GO for it!



The cool thing about revamping you can do the same thing to many different types of silhouettes. In addition to what you did to your sweatshirt you can also do these little fun recycling ideas:

  • Add a sweatshirt pocket to the front of your tee by either removing one from an old sweatshirt or creating one from existing old fabric. Perfect to hold all your little necessities while jogging but keep cool without the weight of a sweatshirt.


  • Turn one of your favorite tees that may have lost its edge and add raglan sleeves by either removing from existing older garment or by creating with existing fabric. This way you keep your favorite tee AND create a sleeveless tee from removing sleeves from another shirt. Two revamps in one!

About Born Again Vintage & Bridgett Artise:

Bridgett Artise is a wonder to fashion. The way she has snuck up on our beloved industry has only left us wondering where she has been all our lives- especially in those moments when we had a few yards of fabric to spare and lacked the wondrous vision she so greatly possesses. Surprisingly, she is a FIT graduate who’s path was to be a buyer, and after working for the likes of Claire’s, Strawberry’s and Bloomingdales it seemed to be a done deal. Nowadays she wears many hats, some of which include designer of Born Again Vintage, event planner, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, titled Vintage Expert by the New York Times and most importantly, mother of two beautiful children. To learn more about Bridgette and Born Again Vintage head over to 

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