BGR! U "21-Day Clean Eating Challenge" - Which Track Should I Choose?

June 15, 2015



Does your body need a reset? Do you think you might have an allergy or be sensitive to certain foods? Or would you like have a better understanding of what clean eating really is? Our BGR! U Course, "The 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge" is just for you! We're offering four (4) different tracks to choose from, depending on your comfort level. They are:

Course Tracks:

  • Just Nutrition (Beginner - Nutrition 101)
  • Ease Into It (Beginner - Clean Eating Challenge)
  • Challenge Me (Intermediate)
  • Detox Ready (Advanced)

    Your track doesn't change the content of the course, but it does change the commitments you make for the 21 days.
    For example,
    - Fruits are fair game on the "Ease Into It" plan, but recommended once per day if you choose "Detox Ready."
    - Grains are included but only once/per day on the "Challenge Me" path and they are eliminated for the last two weeks on the Detox Ready route.
     - "Just Nutrition" is for you if you don't want to commit to a specific clean eating regimen for three weeks but you do want nutrition tips for improving your endurance and performance on your runs. You will miss out on learning which foods your body is sensitive to, but there's plenty to learn in this program - the Nourish cookbook, weekly materials on handling cravings, prepping produce and rethinking labels, and lots of discussion on healthy substitutions when you're cooking and how to best fuel your workout. 
    And no need to stress about which track is for you. The nutrition protocols are available for everyone to see, so if you feel you've selected the wrong track after registration, you can move over to the plan that suits you best. Or, you can mix and match the paths along the way. There really is no "wrong" way to get Nourished! 


     For more information about BGR! U or "The 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge," click the link below.


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    chipo mathis
    chipo mathis

    June 19, 2015

    I am interested in the challenge me track. I am going to assume that as time gets closer the dietitian is going to give us more detail on each track so we can make a more informed decision. I am looking for a challenge but i may choose the detox depending on what it actually entails.******am excited about this. Is there a wy to kind of start easing into the program??? or is it necessary to start preparing so to speak?

    Tonnett Luedtke
    Tonnett Luedtke

    June 17, 2015

    I was stressing… This was very helpful information! Thanks!

    Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards

    June 16, 2015

    I’m interested but not sure yet which plan to attack. ?

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