3 Training Tips To Get You Ready For SWYS 2016

August 08, 2016


by Francine Labiran  of Fit Life with Fran

With less than 2 months until the Sweat With Your Sole, now is the best time to get prepared for the 5k/10k run. Here are my top three race prep tips that will help start you off on the right track.

Start Slow, And Steady

One mistake that’s easy to make is starting out too hard, too fast. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself, especially when you see experienced runners around you who can make it look so easy. Instead of charging out of the gate quickly, take your time to build up a steady speed, and find a pace that’s comfortable for you. From there, you can slowly build up your pace and distance.

Fuel Up The Right WayDuring the next few weeks, you’ll be running a lot more, burning more calories, and your muscles will need more fuel. So, it’s important to hydrate and give your body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. About an hour before your run, try to have something with a healthy blend of carbs, protein, and fats. A piece of whole grain bread with a tablespoon of almond is a perfect pre-run snack that will keep your body fueled and energized. And don’t forget to replenish those muscles after your run. One of my go-to meals for refueling after a run is my Super Green Smoothie Bowl.

 The Right Shoe Is Key

When you’re excited about starting to run or getting back into running, it can be easy to go out and buy all the gear you think you’ll need, including shoes. We’ve all been there before! Unfortunately, many runners initially purchase the wrong shoes, and as a result, they experience foot, hip, or back pain and discomfort that could turn them off from running altogether. Instead of playing a guessing game, or just getting shoes that look good, your best bet is to head to your local sporting goods store and get some help finding the perfect shoe.

 With these helpful three tips in mind, get out there, hit the pavement, and get ready to “sweat with your sole”! Happy running, ladies

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Niels Jorgensen
Niels Jorgensen

January 02, 2017

Thanks for some great tips! I will definitely use these to improve my own training :-)

Melissa Kahn
Melissa Kahn

August 31, 2016

I stumbled upon your site after finding it somehow on social media – LOVE it – as a new(ish) runner (3 years or so)… it has some amazing inspiration and great information as well! I love that you’re inclusive of everyone and that your positive-attitude seems to be really igniting so many runners. AMAZING job!

This article was particularly helpful especially the right shoe – ( I switched from brooks to nike and love the difference it’s made in my training)

ANyway – THANKS for being awesome!
~Melissa Kahn

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