Ambassador Talk Back! - Taking It to the Next Level

May 27, 2015


Our ambassadors are the heartbeat of the organization and some of the fiercest ladies I know! I wanted to know how they planned to take it up a notch this summer! So, this week I asked them this: 

Are you going hard this summer? I want to know why you are taking your fitness to the next level this summer? Why is now the time? 

What I got back was a page full of inspiration and ideas to get the most unmotivated person thinking about what they want to accomplish this summer! After reading through their comments, I want to hear how YOU are making it a summer to remember! Need a little motivation? Sign up for BGR! All Access to help you stay motivated while getting the VIP treatment with exclusive content, previews and discounts for every aspect of #BGRLife! 




    "Preparing for my first marathon.... In Berlin Germany! I want to be able to have a great race so that I am able enjoy my mini vacation afterwards!!" - Racquel (BGR! Connecticut) 





      "Interesting you used that phrase, my mantra this year has been "Take It To The Next Level", we even had a 3 month event in our group with this focus. Personally I am starting to train for my first marathon, at age 56. This is a fall race, Richmond in November so for the first time I will be training in the heat. Lawd help me." - Mekela (BGR! Morrisville)


















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  "My goal was to be under 200 lbs. by my birthday! I made that goal and completed my first half marathon...and I didn't give it my BEST effort. Oh I ran; I also completed a 100 day Run Streak. But I've no done no strength training and my eating habits are haphazard at best. So's time to focus and get it together! #playtimeisover #bikini2016" - Denice (BGR! Seattle/Tacoma)



   "I am turning 50 fifty in 7 months and I want to be fit and lean. I am always going hard but this summer I am on the route to smash every fear and every limit I had set in my first 49 years. The next 49 years is about limitles and fearless life." - Tanya (BGR! Milwaukee)



    "I will be going hard in order to drop some pounds and tone my bodacious bod to ensure that the sexy is preserved on the BGR! CRUISE." - Jennean (BGR! Long Island)



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Minnie Hill
Minnie Hill

May 28, 2015

I went for my first run today with the group, but there was no one there, how do I find a group that actually runs? The run was suppose to be at Heritage Parkway in fort worth.


May 27, 2015

Oh my word! All the ambassadors are fierce! Thank you for representing CT and being an inspiration Racquel! I love that Denice has declared play time is over and that Tanya is smashing her way to a fearless and limitless next half century.

WOW! I’m ready to chart my course to make a quantum leap to the next level! Thank you BGR Ambassadors!

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