5 Items to Keep at Your Desk for a Lunch Break Workout

June 06, 2014

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By Esta Fiesta (@EstaFiestaPR)

Sometimes getting sweaty before work just can’t happen and you’ve got to squeeze in a workout on your lunch break. Stash these five items at your desk to make sure you’re always prepared.

Cleansing Wipes Make cleaning up post workout a breeze by keeping cleansing wipes on hand. These also come in handy if you need to wipe off makeup before working out.

Baby powder If nothing else, keep a travel size bottle of baby powder at your desk. Baby powder can be rubbed onto thighs to prevent chaffing, double as a deodorant, and triple as a dry shampoo if you need it!

Bobby Pins An intense workout may ruin your do. Fix stray hairs or create a new look altogether with a few bobby pins.

Portable Fragrance Baby powder alone isn’t enough to make you smell fresh when you return to your desk – keep a roll-on or travel size of your favorite perfume on hand to reapply post workout.

Tube of lipstick You probably won’t apply a full face of makeup just for the second half of your workday. Stash a tube of red lipstick to touch up your look, or apply it pre-workout for a confidence boost! How often do you workout on your lunch break? Do you keep these, or any other products stashed at your desk?

Esta Fiesta is a New York City based lifestyle writer who focuses on fashion and beauty with a pinch of pop culture. In addition to managing her own blog livingfiesta.com, Esta has penned pieces for Glamazons Blog and been quoted in People StyleWatch and The Associated Press. When she’s not hunting down the best fashion and beauty deals you can find Esta trying to beat her best mile or perfecting her overhead in Pilates. Follow Esta’s tweets at @EstaFiestaPR.

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April 19, 2015

The 5 items would definitely be different for guys! :)

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