May 04, 2017



By: LaTamera Woodley

REI reinforces empowerment and inclusion with their Force of Nature Campaign. One word best describes this movement, empowerment. Recognizing women have power to be free and explore their adventurous side. This campaign applauds the fact that women are a force of nature to be admired and celebrated. It promotes freedom of choice and encourages women to get outside and play.

Women are powerful beings. We have always had to fight for that power, to gain it, maintain it, and are constantly walking a fine line between being feminine and negatively typecast for having that power.  Now is the time to break free from the stereotypes and enjoy all that life has to offer. Explore that cave you have been wondering about, hike that mountain you have posted on your vision board. Go out and play in the mud! It is a great way to destress and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Beginning Saturday, May 6th, REI will kick off their campaign with over 1,000 events nationwide designed specifically for women.  Great events such as intro to backpacking, hiking, trail running, bike maintenance, and camping.  

With this campaign and the many intro classes offered, I am looking forward to taking my first adult camping trip complete with tent, sleeping bag, and cooking dinner over an open fire.  Anxious to hear water flow downstream as I fall asleep under the stars. Smiling at the thought of hot coffee percolating over the fire pit and taking that first sip from my blue and white speckled mug.

I’m looking forward to going on fishing trips, boating, swimming, and learning to canoe down an open river. Sitting idle in the middle of the lake letting the breeze sweep over my face and through my naturally curly hair. Looking forward to the sun shining down with early morning kisses just to wake you for another day of hiking, rock climbing, or yoga on the mountain top.

Anticipating opportunities to meeting new and adventurous ladies in their late to early 40s and beyond who know what it means to be fearful yet continue to press towards the things they fear the most, enjoying life, making memories, and absorbing all mother nature has to offer in the great and beautiful outdoors.  

REI has me excited about the new Force of Nature power movement! Women ROCK! Our time has come. The adventure scene is long overdue for a revamp in status quo, myths, and norms.  It’s time for a new chapter and new face on the outdoorsman –woman -person!  


About LaTamera Woodley
LaTamera has been an active member of Black Girls Run for over 5 years. She currently serves as co-ambassador in Nashville, TN.  She completed her first half marathon within 6 months of joining BGR! Began trail running in August 2016 and ran her first full marathon November 2016.  

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