Why I #OptOutside 2017

November 06, 2017


By: Angel Dee, BGR Boston! since 2013 

On November 24th, I'm opting for the outdoors rather than subscribing to the frenzy that is "Black Friday". Focusing on my health, maintains my wealth by burning fat rather than a hole in my pocket and who doesn't enjoy that type of burn?

Here on the east coast of Massachusetts there are a plethora of riding paths, parks, trails, and beaches, and taking advantage of these gems has been a consistent theme in my life. Rejecting the pressures of frivolous spending by spending time getting fresh air, far outweighs the stress over the illusion of getting a deal. Getting from behind the computer screen has also helped me to establish tangible relationships with others who view their health as a top priorty.

I encourage others to do the same and #OptOutside!

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