#OptOutside 2017 is coming up on Friday! Get outside!

November 20, 2017


The reason I choose to #OPTOUTSIDE #sponsored
By: Cleveland Run Leader, Elissa Rondo-Johnson

"I have come to a point in my life to take back my health and keep my money. I choose to run and not spend on BLACK FRIDAY. My health has became a part of my life and that doesn't come with a discounted price tag. I choose to explore and stay on track. Thanks to the most beautiful loving group called Black Girls RUN! I've been shown that running and being outdoors all seasons is fun and done with a smile. I LOVE IT!"


Join Elissa outside this Friday! Check out all of our participating groups and events HERE!

And, remember you do not have to run...there are other ways to #optoutside as well!

1. Clean out the garage

2. Take a walk with the family after Thanksgiving dinner

3. Play a family friendly game of dodgeball (or football, basketball, catch, etc.)

4. Take the dog walking

5. Go to the park

6. Do some yard work

Remember, you can make this day whatever you want...just do it outside! Thanks to REI for bringing awareness to this day!

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