Lessons from the Solar Eclipse!

August 22, 2017


Yesterday, the entire world paused to witness the “once in a lifetime,” cosmic marvel, that is a total solar eclipse. The energy was almost palpable as we all  waited with baited breath to watch the moon slowly pass over the sun, an event that hasn’t occurred in over 99 years. 

Here in Georgia, the experience was beyond surreal. First, we felt the temperature drop, then we heard the crickets begin to chirp, and then for 2.5 minutes the entire sky went so black that the street lights came on. Yet, if you ask me, that wasn’t the most beautiful thing about yesterday. The most beautiful thing about yesterday, was not only seeing, but feeling the entire country unite under one purpose for the first time in a long time. It was the absence of any hate speech or negativity on the news or radio, and all the smiles of wonder from children and adults alike. I must admit, I get chills thinking about it.

These past few weeks have not been easy on any of us, and sometimes being a “black girl,” in this world can be stressful.  However, moments like yesterday remind us that amid something grand, we all have the capacity to put down our judgments, fears, and inhibitions to simply pause…look up…and marvel at a black sky.

This week ladies, I want to personally encourage each of you, to say yes to the tiny miracles in your life. Observe the subtle beauty of the plants, the air, and the ground beneath your feet. Say yes to the way our natural world not only supports, but nourishes us. Say yes to all the good that you’re surrounded by, and allow yourself to pause and remember how grand life is, was, and can be.

We are literally weeks away from our largest national meet up, Sweat with your Sole 2017.  If you have not yet purchased your tickets, we encourage you to do so today. The conference won’t be the same without the energy that YOU bring.  

If yesterday taught us anything it’s that…. everything is sweeter when we do it…together.

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