It's #OptOutside Day! Join me!

November 24, 2017


From Patty Radice, BGR! Tampa (pictured on left):

I want to thank Phyllis for organizing #OptOutside this morning. I struggled with coming as I have been dealing with some health issues, mild depression and fear of being judged. Everyone always congratulates those when weight is lost but it's always been uncomfortable with attending events when having gained weight. That fear of being judged by others and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had this fear. Ladies, please don't let this stop you as I almost did today. If I had not attended I would have missed out on a great time, winning an REI gift card and slowly being active again.

Sometimes we have to start from the beginning, or even being new, and I am here to tell you.. it's HARD but please don't let it stop you. This is one of the most supportive group of women I have ever met and no matter what I am going through personally I have always been accepted. It's what we should all hope for in a run/walk/jog group. I thank you ladies for always being there, being supportive and never judging. Since accountability is important to me you will be seeing more of me on the pavement, even if it only means baby steps to starting over. God bless! #rei #optoutside #sponsored

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