Our Top 5 Picks from REI's Gift Guide for Runners!

December 17, 2015


Christmas day is EIGHT days away! This holiday season has been crazy! So if you're like us and scrambling for a few last minute gift ideas, we've got you covered. These are our top five gift recommendations for runners!

1. Fitbit

You learn a lot about yourself when you have a Fitbit. They track calories, weight, water intake and exercise. It even tracks sleep patterns so you can try and figure out why you have a rough night's sleep! We love how the Fitbit adds a little glam to our running routine. And if you love fitness bling, check out the BGR! necklace (discounted today... the last day to order before the holiday!)

2. FlipBelt

Have you ever showed up to the starting line and realized you have your car keys in your hand and no stowaway pockets?? There's nothing more annoying than running with a key in your sports bra (it's cool, we've all done it!). Well, the FlipBelt solves the "what am I going to do with my keys and credit cards" problem! The FlipBelt has four pockets and a key hook to safely and comfortably store a key, phone and other essentials.

Looking for something a little bigger to hold dirty sneakers after a long race? The BGR! drawstring bag is the perfect post race/gym accessory! 

3. Moji Foot Massager

There's nothing like a relaxing foot massage after a long run! And if bae won't step in, the Moji foot massager will! This small, portable massager remains stable on the ground and allows you to really relieve and pain or tension. 

4. Safety Light

Daylight savings time ended about a month ago... which brought darker hours earlier on in the day. That's less time to run after work, which doesn't make it any easier to stick to a training sched. BUT if you take the right safety precautions, you can continue to run outside even if it is dark. Stay safe when running in the dark with this cute pink safety light!!

5. Gift Cards

Not sure what to give or ask for?? Gift cards are always a safe bet! 

For more great gift ideas, head over to REI.com and http://blackgirlsrun.com/collections/all!* 

*Psst... it's the LAST day to order from the BGR! store and receive your items before Christmas. Get your girl a stocking stuffer she'll love and use all year. 

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