Fashion is to peanut butter as Fitness is to Jelly

August 20, 2015


Fashion is to peanut butter as Fitness is to Jelly

By Bridgett Artise

Fashion and Fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly or hummus and pita bread...why you ask?

Generally people work out to improve themselves, their weight, their health, their state of mind, their overall well being. All of these things take time, though we sometimes wish it was an easy fix, it is not. What is an easy fix however is dressing up the outside. While we work on everything else we are still able to put our best foot forward by dressing up!

Fashion has always spoken for us, especially women. It allows us to make a statement without speaking. When we couldn't vote or didn't have equal rights, those were the times when we were our most glamorous because our clothes articulated for us what we couldn't say. Decades later a lot has changed but we are still speaking through our wardrobe.

Fitness is a priority in most of our lives if we are to live long healthy lives. When we are able to match our sneakers with our hoodie, or our neon leggings with our t-shirt it shows we are excited about improving ourselves, that we want to look our best and feel our best. Am I saying you have to look like you are about to hit the runway when going out for a jog, absolutely not! I am saying that when we present our enthusiasm to the world via fashion it speaks volumes.

Ladies, Let your inner Fly Fitness Self be heard!

bout Born Again Vintage & Bridgett Artise:

Bridgett Artise is a wonder to fashion. The way she has snuck up on our beloved industry has only left us wondering where she has been all our lives- especially in those moments when we had a few yards of fabric to spare and lacked the wondrous vision she so greatly possesses. Surprisingly, she is a FIT graduate who’s path was to be a buyer, and after working for the likes of Claire’s, Strawberry’s and Bloomingdales it seemed to be a done deal. Nowadays she wears many hats, some of which include designer of Born Again Vintage, event planner, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, titled Vintage Expert by the New York Times and most importantly, mother of two beautiful children. To learn more about Bridgette and Born Again Vintage head over to 

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