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June 03, 2015


If you haven’t met one of BGR!’s Regional Ambassadors, Adrienne White, you need to. She is the epitome of spunk, smarts, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment. Toni and I met Adrienne back in 2011 when we were mere bloggers and hosting our first event here in Atlanta. We hosted a meet and greet at a local sports bar to socialize and fellowship with our readers before the Georgia-Publix Marathon.

As we walked into the room, my cousin Sonya introduced me to her friend, Adrienne. My initial thoughts as the evening continued were, “Is she always this high energy?” But for anyone who has been around Adrienne, you know that her energy is contagious, and you suddenly fall for her positive vibe and enthusiasm. Adrienne is that kind of personality and more. She is one who knows and understands who she is, what she wants, and is on the path to obtaining it.

When RoC Skincare came to me and asked me who I would nominate for the MORE Magazine’s Women With MORE essay contest, sponsored by RoC, I instantly thought of Adrienne. Why? Because Adrienne White is one who is involved, committed, dedicated, and ambitious in her work, the community, education, and in the causes of women.

Let’s fast forward five years later to when our friendship had grown outside of BGR! One of the things that I admire most about her is her ambition. I could certainly write about Adrienne’s ambition as it pertains to her professional career. She started her career with Coca-Cola as a principle auditor and then progressed to finance manager. Presently, Adrienne is a Financial Service Lead for Coca-Cola. She has been with the company for over six years and has continued to climb the corporate ladder and excel. She is on the path to success. It is her desire and future goal to be in a higher leadership role in the future.

Outside of BGR! I think what sets Adrienne apart as a public servant is her desire to create real change in our community as it pertains to her passions in education, health and wellness, and women's equality. Adrienne is a political force in advocating for women in politics. This isn’t an easy feat in the deeply red-rooted state of Georgia. In her own words, Adrienne writes, “I believe in the political process to effect change.” And she serves as board chairperson of the state's only PAC dedicated to recruiting, training and supporting Democrat women. Politically, she is on the board of the New Leaders Council (NLC) which works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow by engaging leaders in business and industry who will shape the future tomorrow. In education, she is a former board member of Intown Academy a charter school in Atlanta. As a working woman who is steadfast in her beliefs, she perseveres in serving and continuing to give her time in helping to make life better for others.

Adrienne has also demonstrated this role ambition through her dedication and commitment to Black Girls RUN! Since our first meeting in 2011, Adrienne has been a pivotal player in the launch and growth of our Atlanta group, growing it to over 16,000 plus members. She began her work in the BGR! organization as an Ambassador. In this position, she organized all weekly runs and initiated new women into the group. She now has a new role which allows a greater opportunity in leadership as a Regional Ambassador. She inspires and advises over 40 BGR! Ambassadors in the states of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, who in turn activate over 20,000 women.

I remember the first Tuesday night run that I was able to attend which Adrienne led as Ambassador. Before us stood a sea of women. Adrienne bounced on top of the raised sidewalk and addressed the women in a loud confident voice. She directed everyone to raise their hand and repeat after her, “I-AM-A-RUNNER!” She belted out over and over until a thunder of voices were resounding in the still wind of the evening. Her words of encouragement to the crowd were the pep talk they needed to tackle their arduous miles. Adrienne continues to instill that same running spirit into new members she meets. She has been committed to helping the movement grow by encouraging members to embrace their inner runner’s spirit – to become the healthiest they can be.

I truly believe that ten years from now, not only the city of Atlanta, but the state of Georgia will be better because Adrienne White’s voice will be heard; and her efforts will be seen. Her ambition to create real change in education, health and wellness, and women’s equality will be heard on a higher platform in our community and state.

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