Baby Olivia + A Skincare Routine For This New Mom #sponsored

May 20, 2015


By Ashley Hicks @amhicks01

I’ve learned that when it comes to taking care of yourself in your 30s, outside of diet and exercise, there are few things more important than developing a good skincare routine. Throw in a baby and a few sleepless nights and taking care of your skin becomes an even bigger priority.

About a month after having Olivia back in February, I decided that there were a few changes that I needed to make to my routine. The lack of sleep paired with work and the demands of having a new baby was taking its toll. My breaking point was one Saturday afternoon at the makeup counter a Dillard’s. As I shopped for new foundation and a lipstick, the sales clerk asked me if I was using an eye cream. I replied no, it had never dawned on me that I needed one. But as I stared at the mirror on the counter, I was in disbelief that I was developing small lines around my eyes and subtle laugh lines. With a warm smile and concern in her voice, the clerk remarked, “you’re too young to have these lines.” I agree.

So here I am, just a week after celebrating my first mother’s day. I’m sleeping a little more these days, but most importantly, I’ve added some new amazing products to my daily regimen:

  1. Clarisonic: This brush is amazing! I use it every day to wash my face and exfoliate. My husband, Chris actually hip me to this brush and gave it to me as a present.
  1. NEW RoC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector – I was a little hesistant to add a line corrector to my routine. So far I love it! It smooths the appearance of fine lines and helps hydrate my skin in those areas.

  1. Multi Corrextion 5 IN 1 Restoring Night Cream - This stuff is love in a jar! I have naturally dry skin and this has been the perfect night cream.



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