Do the socks make a difference?

April 15, 2009


I am sitting at work staring at my feet. Yes, I should have something better to do, but I wore cute gladiator sandals today, and I'm a little disappointed that I have blisters on my toes. I am wondering if it's from my running shoes or my socks - actually I'm leaning towards the socks.
So, I started looking for socks on running websites, and they are pretty pricey. For $24.99 you can get a 3-pack that keeps "your feet 25 times drier than other brands in this cushioned, high performance running sock. Rely on MicroZap antimicrobial fibers to fight odor." These are also guaranteed for a 1,000 miles! Hmmm, they fight odor and last for a 1,000 miles. Sounds too good to be true.

I think I'll stop by TJ Maxx and scour the little boys section for high quality socks under $8. Let me know what you think, is the high price running gear worth it?

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