New Fitness Tracker Alert: MIRA

January 23, 2015



New Fitness Tracker Alert: MIRA

By Toni Carey (@toni_carey/@blackgirlsrun)


I'm a tech junkie and with the onslaught of running watches and fitness trackers, I'm in total fitness tracker overload. After losing my Fitbit, I'm in the market for a new way to keep track of my daily activity. And choosing just one is tough. Now, I could go the typical route, but I'm much more interested in how company's are disguising these trackers a as beautiful jewelry that you can wear all day everyday. Because really, my running life and business life are completely blurred. One of which is Mira. Gold_SingleMira is a stylish, lightweight bracelet that surrounds a detachable tracker that tracks your steps, calories, distance and elevation. The tracker works with our app to give you a complete picture of your routine, send you tips to keep you moving and help you make the most of every healthy moment – even if that’s just a few minutes a day. But don't run out and buy it just yet. One it's not on the market yet and two, they've offered me an opportunity to test it. Stayed tuned for more as I put it to the test! To learn more you can always check out their website at

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