Watch This 2015! #GiveAGoal with TomTom

December 11, 2014


Watch This 2015!

#GiveAGoal with TomTom

By: Toni Carey (@toni_carey)


Truth: Running and I have had a rocky relationship since 2013 Truth: In 2015, my love for running and fitness will be reignited Truth: 2015 will be my greatest comeback EVER!!!!!!!! I’m not ashamed to admit it. Between running Black Girls RUN! and pursuing other passions, running took a back burner. I haven’t run many road races and I haven't made myself a regular at any of Atlanta's group runs. I'm still missing my Norfolk BGR! crew and my fave running buddies and running became a chore more so  than something I actually wanted to do. I was/have been/am at all time low with running. But 2015 will be different! Here's I'm upgrading to toni4.0. Running/Fitness Goals
  • FINALLY run the Chicago Marathon: Good thing my life hasn’t depended on this race. Each year I register and don’t run. Fourth time has GOT to be a charm. I will not punk out!
  • Get stronger/build muscle: Basically I want a butt like Beyonce’, a body like Allyson Felix and hair like Tracee Ellis Ross. Thanks to my peeps over at Built 2 Last Sports in Atlanta, I’ve already started the journey and am starting to see results. (Minus the hair part…that’s thanks to my hairstylist Giselle). You will see me running in these this summer!
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  •  Stay consistent: My name is Toni Carey and I have a wee bit of a problem with consistency. Okay, a huge problem with consistency. I won’t bore you with all the ways I’m a moving target, but I WILL say that 2015 will be the year that I stick with a training plan and execute on a weekly basis (with the help of my personal trainer of course). I’ve found the key to be actually scheduling my workouts, and not only that, adding them to my calendar and treating them like any other meeting.
  • Get back into my skinny jeans: Word from the wise. When you get married, you WILL gain happy weight. It’s inevitable. You’re married, you’re happy, you eat. But, eventually you settle in and the work of getting off those extra lbs. will begin. And by eventually, for me, it’s four years later. Yikes! 


  • Focus on ANY other measurement besides weight to determine my progress: Oh the scale. It’s my kryptonite. While, I do think there’s a place in my life for the scale, I understand that it’s not the end all, be all to determine my success. So whether it is inches, beating a personal record, getting into those pants, the scale will not negate the progress I make in other areas.
The great thing about all of these goals is that I only need one wearable device to get er’ done. I’m LOVING the new TomTom Runner Cardio watch!  The coolest feature it offers is accurate heart rate monitoring directly on your wrist, NO HEART RATE MONITOR STRAP TUCKED UNDER YOUR BOOBS! And of course it also tracks metrics like calories burnt, distance, pace, time, etc. It is super simple to use and also has cool features like heart rate zones, interval training (which is great for Cross Fit & HIT-like workouts) and race yourself functionality as well that users can use for running, biking, swimming and all sorts of other sports.  It’s been given several awards, five stars reviews and a magazine recently said, "This is the best damn fitness watch. Ever." I agree!! tomtomwatchdisplay But don’t get it twisted, there’s more than fitness goals to strive for.  Personal Goals Say ‘No”, more than I say “Yes”: In the article, “17 Things Happy People Say Every Day”, the author says,
 “The danger is that sometimes people who make other people's happiness their priority can wind up doing so at the cost of their own happiness. We all know some people who take advantage, or who simply aren't going to be happy no matter what your efforts amount to.”
Not only that, if you don’t put yourself and your interests first, who will? It sounds a little bit selfish, but say, “no” more often and you’ll probably find yourself less bogged down by the requests and expectations of others. Be more present and aware: I spend the majority of my time inside my own mind. It’s the blessing and curse of being a self-proclaimed creative. I’m ALWAYS thinking and while that’s AWESOME for me, it’s not so awesome for people I interact with. If you’re like me, here’s five steps to being more present.  Focus on the 25%: My business coach gave me some really great advice. She said,
“25 percent of people absolutely will not agree with you, 25 percent are fickle and can agree or disagree with you depending on which way the wind blows. Another 25 percent are more likely to agree with you but aren’t totally on board and the last 25 percent of the people in your life are on your team and will be there for you no matter what. Instead of focusing on the 75% that will never agree with you or that are wishy washy, give your time, energy and love to the 25 percent that is 100 percent on your side.”
That philosophy has totally changed my perspective and has given ME permission to focus on everything that I am and striving to become. And the best way to get these goals done? A little bit of patience, a whole lot of prayer AND accountability! Statistics show that sharing your goals with others helps you stay on track and be more accountable.  Since I pretty much shared my entire vision board with you, I want to help you reach your goals in 2015! Now through Monday, Dec. 15, we’re hosting a #GiveAGoal contest for a chance to win a healthy lifestyle package from TomTom, which includes a TomTom Runner Cardio watch, water bottle, fitness attire and coupons for healthy eats! Just complete the form below and share with your friends using the hashtag #GiveAGoal!

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