Easy Lifting: Black Girls Lift Weights

December 03, 2014


Easy Lifting: Black Girls Lift Weights


By: Shana Adams (@bbgtonline)

“Oh no ma’am. I’m not lifting weights because I don’t want to look like a man!” “I’d rather just do cardio because I hate lifting and it’s just too hard.” You may have heard comments like these in your local gym or maybe even while talking to friends about health and fitness. Ladies, don’t be misinformed. Lifting weights is essential while transforming your body. Yes, excessive cardio results in fat loss but there’s more to the story. You ever seen the chick at the gym who signed up around the same time you did, killing it on the treadmill? Ever wonder to yourself why she still looks the same? Nutrition plays a hand but homegirl neglected to lift! Allow me to break it down for you. According to Kellie Davis on www.bodybuilding.com, “The huge advantage to weight training is your body's ability to burn fat during and after exercise. After a heavy bought of strength training, you continue to consume additional oxygen in the hours and even days that follow. When your body uses more oxygen, it requires more caloric expenditure and an increased metabolic rate.” Basically, the more you lift, the more you metabolism increases. As your metabolism increases, your body is better able to break down fat, resulting in fat loss. That’s definitely what you want! If you want to get started on an easy lifting routine, I would recommend taking a Body Pump or weight training class if they’re offered at your gym. If you don’t have those resources available, there are routines for beginners available online with video tutorials to get you on the right track. For examples, click here. As a woman, the idea for a nice toned physique is low weights, high reps. No need to bust out the 50lb dumbbells when 10lbs would suffice for the lean body you’re looking for. Ladies, to sum it all up, lifting is great for toning, heart health, increased energy and overall fitness. Incorporate lifting into your routine and I guarantee you’ll see results. Shana is a 25 year old communications professional who took her health into her own hands and started her weight loss journey mid 2010, but really took charge when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2012. She is the creator of the health and fitness blog Big Boned Gets Toned! You can also view her Big Boned Gets Toned! weight loss vlog on YouTube.

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