The Solo Adventure: How to Plan for the Best Walk/Jog/Run Alone

November 26, 2014


The Solo Adventure:

How to Plan for the Best Walk/Jog/Run Alone

By Michaelle Fields


Has your favorite workout partner suddenly gone AWOL? Having trouble recruiting friends to join your next workout? It can often seem daunting to face another workout alone, we know, especially during these colder, darker days of autumn. Working out alone can also offer time and space for a richly fulfilling experience however! This precious time and opportunity can be used to focus on particular areas of weakness (without an audience), for example. Or, it can be used to meditate and reflect. In any case, you get to choose! You can do what you want, when you want, and how you want. So when faced with the opportunity to work out alone or not at all, embrace the solo adventure – and make it rewarding and fun using the easy tips below: Be safe. Use websites, guidebooks, and such to find popular, high-traffic, and well-lit walking/running trails. Get to know the norms of those areas and what you can expect. And, take a charged cell phone, so emergency response and GPS navigation systems are always easily available if needed. Keep tabs. For added security, let a trusted friend or family member know when and where you are going for your solo adventure. Personalize your success. In the spirit of adventure, incorporate a personal challenge to address an area that you’d like to stretch, strengthen, and grow – i.e., bursting out with a fast 30-second sprint, doing 30 squats or lunges while waiting at lights, performing 50 push-ups or sit-ups to finish up your workout. The possibilities here are endless, so make it a fun one! Be free. When safe to do so, feel free to zone out in some good motivational music. Concentrate on new and interesting discoveries around you. Or, use the time to simply reflect, meditate, and express gratitude. Be flexible. Know that hiccups happen (i.e., fallen trees, flooded roads, broken street lights, etc.). No worries though, this is another reason your phone will come in handy, so GPS can quickly and easily redirect you or find you a new way home. So don’t be derailed when faced with an opportunity to work out alone. Instead, embrace it as an opportunity specially designed and delivered for you and only you! About Michaelle Fields A new member of Black Girls RUN!, Michaelle Fields is an educational sales consultant; certified physical fitness trainer and Spinning® instructor; and founder of California Radiance, a health and beauty brand taking a fresh and balanced approach to natural skin care. You are invited to follow Michaelle on Facebook ( and on Instagram (@californiaradiance)!

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