Sole Story: I Did Not Fall In Love With Running

November 25, 2014


Everyone has a story. For some it’s a story of wanting something more, for others it’s a story full of tears, heart and determination. Our series “Sole Stories” will give you a glimpse into what drives women to change their lives and their “soles.” Although  Shannon isn't in love with running, she's found an appreciation for it that will get her closer to her goals.  

I Did Not Fall In Love With Running

By Shannon Hall (@kasper923_hall)

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I do not love running. There, I said it. Someone had to. I know, I know, fighting words and whatnot. Honestly though, I have found myself in a state of flux, trying to figure out what is wrong with me. The people in running shoe ads, the lady down the street, my friends. Everyone around me, really seems to enjoy running. Therefore, the problem must lie within me. Right?   “You'll feel great”, they say. “Anyone can run”, they say. What they forgot to say is, “running is hard, man!” I'm not afraid to work. I simply had no idea that starting out, would be this challenging. And a challenge it is, but that's okay.   So begins my story. I had just had my third child. My husband and I decided that I would stay home with the kids. I quit my job of ten years, and dove head first into all things child related. I started out wearing the baby and pushing the toddler, on long walks. I wasn't really getting the results I wanted, so I spoke with my friend who was training for her first marathon. She suggested I start running with a program. I started Couch 2 5K in August 2014. To be fair, I had tried C25K before, and failed, miserably.   With a commitment of 30 minutes of kid-free time, three times a week, from my husband, I was able to complete the program in 8 weeks. I had a friend start the program at the same time and we signed up for our first ever 5K. My goal was to run the entire thing, no walking. 3 miles is much further than I remembered. It was difficult to watch people run past me but I remembered my friend’s words, “your race, your pace”. I finished in 38:40, running the whole way.   For some reason, I expected to be elated, proud, something. My friends were way more excited about this accomplishment than I was. I felt embarrassed about my time. I knew that 30 minutes was the ideal time to run a 5K. Shaving 8 minutes seems quite daunting. I wanted to quit, move onto the next new thing, anything but running.  I didn't though. What I DID do, was find my local BGR! group on Facebook and join. I have yet to meet any of the girls but I have posted questions and witnessed an amazing camaraderie. Though I haven't run with them, I know they are there and available should I need them.

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Despite the fact that I don't love running, I appreciate what running has done for my peace of mind and my body. I'm closer than ever to  my pre-toddler weight. I am getting much needed time away from the house, to work on me. I am a work in progress. I am my better self when I run. My imperfect body, is allowing me to do and be, all of these things. For running, I am grateful.   I have yet to fall in love with running. For now, we’ll continue to court at this very slow pace. Perhaps someday, I'll experience that ever elusive runners high. I don't love running but I have yet to quit. I'm hoping that counts for something.   About Shannon Hall Shannon Hall is a proud (new) member of the BGR-Cincinnati Chapter. She is currently a stay at home mom and can be spotted around the area, attempting to wrangle her three spirited boys.

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