May the Night Life Be With You

November 23, 2014


May the Night Life Be With You

Staying Visible in the Streets One Piece of Clothing at a Time

By Toni Carey (@toni_carey/@blackgirlsrun)


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November is National Running Safety Month, and while the end of the month is near, it's always a good time to talk about being safe in these streets. I mentioned the importance on this week's Google+ Hangout, as a few runner's in my neighborhood almost lost their knees because I couldn't see them. (I think I could have scored about 500 points, though). Daylight is scarce and staying visible is probably one of the most important winter running tips I could give you. According to a recent survey from Brooks Running, 42% of runners prefer to head out for their run before the sun rises – and 12% prefer to hit the pavement in the evenings. Purchasing reflective gear is, by far, the best way to stay visible, but with so many option, what should you be looking for? Retroflectivity: Imagine you a headed down a dark highway. You can't see anything, but somehow the speed limit signs and other highway signs seem to stand out. Why? Retroflectivity. Well, that's the simple answer. There's an entire scientific explanation if you have some extra time, but look for clothing with this property and in key locations that are likely to show motion. This way drivers know you're a human and not just a street cone. So what does retroflectivity look like on your clothes! It's easy to spot, it's typically a silver piece of hard "fabric" and "outlines" your pants or clothes. Fluorescent Colors: I'm guilty of buying all black everything. If I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times. I seriously think wearing all black makes you faster. (Scientifically unproven). But, during the winter, adding some fluorescent colors to your wardrobe, may be what keeps you the safest. High visibility fluorescent material absorbs energy and reemits it as visible light. Contrast: Colors outlined in a contrasting color are most visible to the eye. Color with a black border is easier to see and this is a prime example of why Brooks’ Nightlife gear is often paired with the contrasting colors of black or anthracite.  The good thing is, most brands offer some type of reflective apparel, so finding something cute, durable and effective shouldn't be a problem! So, do yourself a favor and make an investment. In all seriousness, it could literally cost your life and buying a few new pieces is just a small price to pay. Check out a few of my favorite pieces from Brooks' Nightlife collection.   WHATIMWEARING_reflectivegear

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