Take Time To Reward Yourself

November 21, 2014


Take Time To Reward Yourself


By: Damaris Roulette

A nurturing spirit defines a woman. In Biblical and societal standards, she represents warmth and security that the world would be ragged without. This woman gives beyond her reserve, she presses on even when she is running on empty. She has no selfish bone in her stoic frame, and her joy rests in knowing that her loved ones are not wanting. It is no wonder that her wells dry up at times. I know mine do. My wells of kindness get muddy at times, when my territories are threatened. My wells of strength dry up every once in a while, especially when I fail to replenish them with rest and willful surrender to fatigue. Now, there is a well that's always flowing, its glistening waters a splendid sight. This well knows no boundaries, so I should draw from it when all else is dry. Should. The well of giving. Giving to others is only natural to me, giving to myself, now that is a challenge. Why reward myself? Is that not 'self-centered' of me? Do I deserve it? I don't need a new pair of shoes; my mother could use the money for something more useful. I don't need a manicure; I could save that money for better use. So many excuses to keep from rewarding myself yet always open to giving to others. The same goes with positive words to self. I set my goals so high, such that self-pats on my back are few and in between. Maybe if I approached my goals with the perspective of possibilities instead of accomplishments, giving myself words of encouragement would be a daily joy rather than lingering thoughts of failure. The same way I offer words of encouragement to those that need them, I need to do the same to myself because I too, need to hear them. I burn myself out many times worrying more about others and less about myself. Learning to rejuvenate and promote my well-being in order to be the best I can be for others is something I have to learn. I have the resources; I just need to be a little kinder, a little gentler, and a little generous with myself. It doesn't have to be a dream tour of Europe, although that would be nice. It doesn't have to be a week's vacation to Fiji, although I dream of that too. My point is, it doesn't have to break the bank. A Swedish massage would be a grand gesture to myself, just the thought gives me a rush! An hour of quiet time, an un-rushed soothing bath with candles, smooth jazz, and lavender scents..... How do your replenish your wells? How do you reward yourself? About Damaris Roulette Damaris Roulette is a proud member of BGR - Austin Chapter. Nurse, teacher, wife, and new(ish) runner, she likes to write on varying topics. Check out her natural hair blog www.mytangledmane.blogspot.com and her life ramblings on www.mrsroulette.blogspot.com

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