Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

November 19, 2014


Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

By Michaelle Fields

(Photo credit: Photo taken from http://www.barbellmedicine.com/)

“Let thy food be thy medicine” is a quote often referenced by food experts, nutritionists, and the like, because it serves as a helpful reminder that food has a very simple, clear, and direct purpose – to nurture and fuel our bodies! This can be so useful for all of us today too, as we try to navigate propaganda from grocery stores, restaurants, GMO (genetically modified organism) producers, and organic food manufacturers and manage a whole host of other reasons for making poor food choices too (including, stress, boredom, easy access, etc.). For these reasons, I offer this quote to help you too, in order to filter through all the noise and distractions and apply three easy tips for selecting food today healthfully and happily. Nutritional Balance Without question, calories matter. And, where those calories come from matter too! Consuming 150 calories from a slice of frozen pizza, for example, is substantially different than consuming 150 calories from a lean chicken breast. So the first priority when making your food selections (whether eating in or eating out) is to note the nutritional value and at what level the food will benefit you, considering the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, hydration levels, etc. when consumed. Fresh, lean proteins; whole grains; and bold, colorful produce, for example, are a shoe-in, for example, for ensuring you’ll receive optimal nourishment. Next, consider variety – i.e., picking food representing a broad range of types, textures, colors, and flavors. This too will help ensure you receive a wide variety of nutritional benefit too. Chemical Additives If processed, enriched, freeze-dried, or preservative-heavy foods are a MUST, then try applying the 80/20 rule to help ensure that at least 80% of your selections are mostly beneficial. As for the other 20%, pick the smallest package- and serving- sizes possible, to help limit their overall impact. Enjoyment & Results A serving of fun is always on the menu! So don’t be afraid to make new selections or to try new preparation methods. You might even make it a challenge each week or each month to try something new. (I recently starting adding fresh beets to my salads and smoothies, for example, and now I pick them up from the grocery store each week as I do any other staple too.) So, although the news and info available today can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting, keep it simple! Make food selection purposeful, flavorful, and fun. Apply this quote (“let thy food be thy medicine”) as often as you can. Because the more you do, the more you’ll make interesting discoveries and experience the benefits and results of good, quality, healthy foods too. About Michaelle Fields A new member of BGR, Michaelle Fields is an educational sales consultant; certified physical fitness trainer and Spinning® instructor; and founder of California Radiance, a health and beauty brand taking a fresh and balanced approach to natural skin care. You are invited to follow Michaelle on Facebook (www.facebook.com/californiaradiance) and on Instagram (@californiaradiance)!

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