Transitioning Your Running Clothes From Day to Night

November 01, 2014



Transitioning Your Running Clothes

From Day to Night

Staying Stylish & Comfortable

If you haven't already noticed the day's are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. For most runners, this is the signal of winter's arrival. Not football season, the falling leaves or Starbuck's holiday menu. It's less time to get in a run during daylight. I'm one of those crazies that actually loves running in the cold months. Particularly because I love jackets and warm tights.....well, technically anything warm and cozy, especially jackets and tights. By now you've also probably noticed I practically live in my running gear. My closet is 90% running threads and 10% actual "real clothes". Most times this doesn't pose a problem, but there's been times when I've had to rush to an impromptu meeting, apologizing for my mismatched running top and shorts. It also leaves me in quite a pickle when Mr. Carey wants to go for a night out. Most times I feel guilty about living in my running clothes, but in the fall/winter, not so much! It's too easy to go from day to night. You just need a few things to make the transition! DSC_00231.)Find a favorite pair of black/grey tights: Okay, let's start with the basics. The key to transitioning your run outfit to your going out outfit, are cute (but basic) black and/or grey tights. These will set the foundation. Both colors are easy to dress up. 2.) Body Spray/Baby Wipes:  You just squeezed in run or a workout at the gym. You have 10 minutes to freshen up before heading out to meet your crew. Your first line of defense should be making sure you don't stink. Yup, I'm not going to sugar coat it. Invest in a package of disposal baby wipes to hit the four major areas (both pits, your yoohoo and rear). Depending on the amount of sweat, you will probably want to hit any other nooks and crannies that were drenched with sweat. Finish it off with your favorite body spray. I love Indigo Wild's Zum Mists. My go-to scents are Lavendar and Sandalwood-Citrus. 3.) Find a black top: The one thing you will want to change is your top. You just can't go out with sweaty armpit stains. Opt for a nice top. I prefer a black top, especially if you're wearing black tights. Think of this as the second coming of the little black dress. The top can be fun and flirty, but it must be black! 4.) Black pumps (or flats): You see where I'm going here. All black everything! I prefer pumps because it will get you in the "going out" state of mind, but flats are fine too! 5.) A dopelicious black/grey jacket: Now this is where you'll want to invest! Think of this as icing on the cake (that will actually keep you warm). ........and there you have it! That's how you successfully transition from day to night! Do you wear your running clothes for a night out on the town? Or do you reserve your running clothes for....well....running? Don't forget to check out what I'm wear now! All items are pictured above and can be purchased at   WHATIMWEARING_BROOKS_103114_NEWPHOTO    

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