5 Effective Home Remedies for Curing a Sinus Infection

October 30, 2014


By: Ann + Jane I’m sure almost everyone’s had a sinus infection. You know how uncomfortable and miserable you feel. But what do you do if you hate taking medicine, but want the pain to end? Whip up your own home remedy! Now, I’ve tried all five remedies and obviously I’m still alive. However, use your best judgment on what you think will work and if all else fails…use some over-the-counter medicine (OTC) or call your doctor if your symptoms get worse. Here are the five home remedies that have helped me get rid of my sinus infection in about four days: Steam Vapors This is probably the most obvious remedy around and can be done by steaming up your shower or putting your head over a boiling pot of water (be careful please). The steam does a good job of emptying your nasal cavity of mucous and reducing the swelling that makes it so difficult to breath. Just be sure to drink plenty of water following each steam session because the last thing you want is a dry nasal cavity. Ginger Compress A good ‘ole ginger compress serves two purposes: it reduces discomfort and can encourage nasal drainage. Boil a ginger root for 15 minutes and then put the warm compress over your entire face (make sure the rag isn’t too hot) and relax. Ginger is also very good for soothing the nerves, an added bonus if you’re feeling crappy. Green Tea Yes, green tea can help reduce sinus infection symptoms too. The warmth clears the back of your throat and nasal cavity. This can help reduce the painful swallowing symptoms most people experience for the first few days of the infection. This is also the most enjoyable of all the remedies because you get to drink it!

Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus is another great way to reduce throat discomfort. In fact, the ancient Chinese remedy almost always included crushed eucalyptus leaves in their tea to cure a sore throat. You can double-team this infection by adding eucalyptus leaves in your green tea.  Goodbye, nasal inflammation!

Grapefruit Seed Extract

I’ve saved the best for last, folks! Grapefruit seed extract is by far the most effective way to eliminate nasal inflammation and clear out mucous. All you have to do is place one drop in each nostril and lightly sniff (don’t go overboard with the sniffing). You should notice relief within 15 minutes and it is best to do this once a day in the morning. Once you notice that your nasal passage is clear…do not sniff anymore extract and be sure to only do it once a day. Those are my 5 DIY home remedies to get rid of a sinus infection. Feel free to share any you’ve come across that works! Follow Ann + Jane on Facebook and Twitter!

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