5 Ways to Optimize Your BGR! Workout: The Joy is in the Process

October 29, 2014


12378-goals-writing-edited.630w.tn(photo credit: Photo taken from http://www.ibelieve.com) By Michaelle Fields If you’re anything like me and you set pretty high goals for yourself, then your fitness goals and expectations are no different. You want to run in the absolute best form, beat the best running times, and finish looking like a glowing gazelle. But on your way to these admirable achievements, remember there is great joy in the process! Whether running, jogging, or just starting out walking, there’s a beautiful road of exploration and discovery in store … which you can only appreciate and enjoy if you are open to experiencing it. So as you strap up your tennis shoes and head out to your next group run or local gym, take a deep breath and remember: (1) Experience True VIP Treatment! Making the commitment to get active is a major accomplishment, so be proud! In doing so, leave all stress/worries/fears behind, bring your smile, and allow this sacred time and space to lift your energies, strengthen your heart, and create light throughout your entire being. (2) Set Goals You Can Easily Track & View. Keep a calendar (i.e., on your desk or on your refrigerator), indicating what you accomplished each day. Include the type of exercise performed (i.e., group runs or treadmill classes), time spent, and/or miles covered, so you can always see how far you’ve come… and how far you’re going. (3) Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader. While keeping track of physical activity, do the same with your mental and emotional activity as well. There are so many things happening in your mind and body while facing challenges and pursuing dreams like this. Journaling is often a highly recommended way to take note your entire state of being throughout the process. (4) Select an “Accountability Partner” to coach and cheer you on. Fortunately, there are so many who have traveled this road before us – i.e, a BGR ambassador or personal trainer. There’s no need to ever feel unsure or alone in the process, because this person can be an instrumental resource in helping to resolve issues and keep you on track toward your goals. (5) White Noise: Shut It Down! Often times, when taking on a new challenge like this, “white noise” (from friends, family, and colleagues AND in our own heads) often appears offering very distracting suggestions – i.e., prompting you to eat more than you need, to make unhealthy food selections, or to miss a planned workout. But don’t forget you are in the process of adapting and creating one of your best works (you). So don’t give life to destructive ideas, shut them down! The process can be challenging and you might even get impatient at times. But remember, no one is fully fit, in every way possible, 100% of the time! It’s just not possible! So instead, reap the opportunity to be an active observer of your own process - recognizing strengths and weaknesses, honoring opportunities to nurture both, and watching how your body heals, strengthens, and grows in ways that far exceed expectation.   About Michaelle Fields A new member of BGR, Michaelle Fields is a school materials sales consultant; a certified physical fitness trainer and Spinning® instructor; and founder of California Radiance, a health and beauty brand taking a fresh and balanced approach to natural skin and personal care. You are invited to follow her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/californiaradiance) and on Instagram (@californiaradiance).

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