October 28, 2014


There's a few questions we are asked over and over again. By far, it's "How do I start running???" It's often accompanied by a very perplexed expression with a hint of intrigue and a tad bit of frustration. We quickly realized that we needed to do more than just send to people to our website to read the various posts regarding getting started. We needed to guide them through the process. Earlier this year we introduced our signature WALKB4URUN program to help women, just like you, get started. It's perfect for anyone who is new to running OR new to exercising OR that simply needs a reboot. Our WALKB4URUN program  is a training program that takes you from walking to running your first 5K. Similar, to the Couch to 5K program, this training program gradual progresses and is perfect for people who have never run a 5K before. You can complete on your own, with a local BGR! group, on the treadmill, with friends, just as long as you get it done! Everyone is welcome to participate, we just want to see you up and moving! There's a few things I LOVE about our program that other programs don't have: THREE WEEKS OF JUST WALKING Running is intimidating and for most people, you probably will feel like you want to die when you get started. We ease you (and your body) into the idea of running, with three entire weeks of running in the WALKB4URUN training plan. That way, your body can adjust to this new thing you're doing! AN EXTENSIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM That's right, you have access to more than 150,000 women are on the same journey you are. Many of our groups lead WALKB4URUN training sessions on a weekly basis FOR FREE! YOUR EARN BLING There is a light (and reward) at the end of the tunnel. Once you sign up for our WALKB4URUN program, you will automatically be shipped a finishers medal on RUN DAY (Dec. 20). To date, more than 2,000 women have completed our WALKB4URUN Virtual 5K!! Sign up today at:


If you've completed the WALKB4URUN program and/or our virtual race, share your journey with us! Email us at walkb4urun@blackgirlsrun.com WALKB4URUNDEC20_FB3  

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