Who Inspires You to Run Happy?

July 24, 2014


[caption id="attachment_68324" align="alignleft" width="147"]Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.37.10 PM Monument Avenue 10K in Richmond, VA (March 2010)[/caption] By: Jay Ell Alexander (@curlznpumpz) Four years ago when I started running,  my mom and husband really motivated to hit the pavement! I was entering my last year of graduate school, had picked up a few pounds (okay more than a few!), and I needed to do something to get my health and fitness back on the right track. It was their encouragement that helped me complete my first 10K in March 2010. My husband even ran the entire thing right beside me. No matter if its your husband, your child, your sister or your friend, everyone has that someone that motivates them to the next goal, to do better, to want better, to be better! Who inspires you to run happy? We want you to share who inspires you. Our friends at Brooks Running will be hosting a giveaway for one of our lucky readers who posts the best "inspiration" story below. The winner will win product for their inspiration - top, bottom, or shoe of choice! Please submit by July 31st! Post away!  

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