I Got My Socks On

July 17, 2014


By: Jay Ell Alexander (Twitter/Instagram: @curlznpumpz) Picture 2Lots of runners will tell the most important piece of equipment for a runner is the shoe. Well no doubt about it, taking care of your feet is the top priority. But, what is a close second to being the most important - SOCKS! That's right, those things that go on your feet before the shoes, that protect your feet and your toes! The wrong socks can cause blisters due to moisture, heat and rubbing. But good news! Never fear....Brooks Running has the perfect foot blankets bka SOCKS to beat the heat, remove the moisture and prevent rubbing while running. What to consider when looking for socks: 1) Moisture wicking material is crucial. Just like your clothing, wicking material keeps your cool, and will do the same for your feet and will help prevent blisters. 2) Get the right type of seam and fit. Make sure that the seams and fit of the sock are perfect for your foot. Just like trying on your running shoes before purchasing them, you need to make sure your socks fit great as well. 3) Thick vs. thin socks. Again, find the option that works best for you. 4) Arch compression. Added arch compression can make for a much more comfortable run if circulation or swelling is an issue. Some of my favorite socks includes the Brooks Essential Low Cut Tab Liner Sock. • Dri-Stitch™ polyester effectively wicks moisture while also keeping feet comfortable with a smooth soft feel • Mesh top reduces bulk and allows better air circulation, keeping feet cool and comfortable • Low-profile Achilles tab helps reduce the chances of blisters forming in this friction prone area • Nylon reinforcement in the heel and toe to ensure maximum durability in this very high activity area • Size is knit into the sock for quick identification • A flat toe seam all but eliminates the chance of blisters caused by friction between harsh seams and toes So, throw away those old white gym socks or those cute polka dot socks you purchased last year...its time to step your foot game up to some great socks!  

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