Sweat With Your Sole Virtual OR WalkB4URUN Participant?

July 09, 2014


Are you looking to register for the Sweat With Your Sole Virtual (5K or 15K) on September 7? OR, Are you looking to register for the WalkB4URUN graduation event on September 7? Well no fear, we want to help clear the confusion! The September WalkB4URUN Virtual 5K and Sweat With Your Sole Virtual 5K/15K are being held on the same day (September 7), but are two completely different events. 1) To register for the Sweat With Your Sole Virtual 5K/15K, click here. Choose , 'Register Now', then 'Virtual Participant' as Registration Type. 2) If you are currently in the WalkB4URUN 11 week training with your local city or even on your own, you need to sign up for the WalkB4URUN Virtual 5k, click here. There are two different medals for each of these events. Of course, you are welcome to participate in each, but you will need to register for each ($20). (If you have already registered as a SWYS virtual participant, but it was intended to be a WalkB4URUN registration, we will email you to make that update/change.) Feel free to email media@blackgirlsrun.com if you have any further questions! Remember to continue to 'Preserve the Sexy' with Black Girls RUN! We look forward to seeing you on the pavement!

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