Soymilk: Is It a Good Non-dairy Substitute?

July 01, 2014


shutterstock_89334757By Tracey Ferdinand (@ALifeWellMade) Soy can be found in a variety of foods including protein bars, tofu, meatless burgers, and soymilk. What makes it attractive for most health conscious consumers is that it’s a plant protein that provides all the essential amino acids. Many other plant proteins do not. The health benefits associated with soy range in lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, and relieving certain menopausal symptoms. So soymilk seems like a no brainer right? Well there are mixed opinions regarding its overall health benefit. What’s controversial about soy is that it contains a lot of pesticides. In fact it’s one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crop. In addition, most soybeans in the United States of America are classified as genetically modified organisms. Essentially, soymilk can be very difficult to find in high-quality form. So what other non-dairy substitutes can you choose from? The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a good non-dairy substitute is the list of added ingredients. Try to find a brand that offers unsweetened versions with a limited list of added ingredients. My favorite is coconut milk. The island girl in me loves the texture and taste. The unsweetened versions are also low in calories. The downside to coconut milk is that it’s also low in protein and calcium. So you’d have to make sure that you’re fulfilling your daily nutritional needs with other foods. Another option is unsweetened almond milk. It’s also low calories and depending on the brand the flavor can be yummy. However, like coconut milk it doesn’t have a lot of protein compared to soymilk. Tracey Ferdinand is committed to effecting social change through personal health transformations by promoting physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  A self-love disciple, her writing encourages women of color to cultivate vibrant lives prioritizing self-care. Stop by her website at and visit her on instagram @ALifeWellMade.  

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