Carrying Stuff While Running

June 24, 2014


shutterstock_142247860By Myra “MeeMee” Taylor One of my biggest problems when I started running outdoors was – Where do I put my stuff? Things like keys, cash, ID, mp3 player, and such. After a little research, I learned there are many options. Here are the pros and cons of some of them: Armpocket – These nifty armbands fit around your arm with Velcro straps. (Cost: $20 to $40)
  • Good: bright colors, easy access to your things, & can carry your phone
  • Bad: May slip down your arm after you start sweating
Built-in pockets – You’ll find some shorts and jackets with zippered pockets sewn in. (Cost: Cost of the clothes)
  • Good: Convenient and secure
  • Bad: Not much space and bounces when you run
Fanny Pack – Good old reliable fanny packs come in different sizes and shapes these days. (Cost: $5 to $40)
  • Good: Can carry a LOT of stuff & has an adjustable strap
  • Bad: Bulky and could bounce around while you’re running
Expandable Waist Pack – It’s like a belt but expands to accommodate your things.   Several companies sell them like Spibelt and Nike. (Cost: $20)
  • Good: Super lightweight, expands, & has an adjustable waist strap
  • Bad: Can bounce around when you’re running and looks bulky after you fill it
Shoe Wallet/Pocket – Clips to your shoe. Can hold a key, ID, and money. (Cost: $10 to $25)
  • Good: Convenient, easy to use, lightweight
  • Bad: Small & can’t carry a phone or bulky car keys
Flipbelt – I must confess, this is my all time favorite running gear. It’s a tubular waistband that fits snug against your waist. You can wear it over your clothes or under them. I forget I’m even wearing it while I’m running. (Cost: $28)
  • Good: Bright colors, doesn’t bounce around, secure, holds a LOT of stuff (keys, phone, wallet, energy gel/chomps, tissue, gum, mp3 player, a camera – all at the same time - I’m serious!)
  • Bad: Expensive
So you see, you have LOTS of options. You could even use a couple at the same time. Whatever works for you! Myra “MeeMee” Taylor is a proud member of the BGR-Los Angeles Chapter. Check out her humorous blog,, for tips on saving money and her short story “Lavender Sheets” in the sci-fi anthology The Memory Eater available on Photo credit: Myra Taylor

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