Three Health and Fitness Apps You Need NOW

June 04, 2014


By Tracey Ferdinand (@ALifeWellMade) Staying fit and eating healthy is a part time job.  You have to put in the hours each week to get the results you want.  Fortunately, there are a lot of apps on the market that act as virtual personal assistants. These programs help with the daily management of areas ranging from exercise to nutrition. So which ones should you choose? Here’s an overview of three health and fitness apps that can help you reach your goal of attaining good health.shutterstock_155522021 1. Running RunKeeper is popular among runners and for good reason.  It provides several different training plans to fit your specific needs.  Whether you're a beginner or pro it offers a simple design that keeps you on track. You choose a start date and the app does the rest by scheduling workouts that load into your phone. What I love most about this app is the motivation you get from connecting with other runners.   2. Strength Push is the first fitness-tracking device on the market that scientifically measures strength. It tracks your movements by analyzing metrics including reps and sets, force, power, balance, speed, and explosive strength. So if you’re dedicated to fine tuning your strength training workouts this would be a good investment. The device straps on to your arm and transmits movement feedback to your phone.  Data displayed on your phone gives you pointers to help you improve your training plan. 3. Nutrition Meal Makeover was designed by dieticians who understand the importance of creating healthy meals for the entire family. It provides over fifty healthy “mom-tested and kid-approved” recipes for you to try. Not only does the app offer recipes conveniently sorted by category, it also provides video tutorials, shopping lists, and a favorites section. Of course these apps don’t do all the work for you.  However, like any good personal assistant they make your job easier.  Essentially, these apps make you look good! Tracey Ferdinand is committed to effecting social change through personal health transformations by promoting physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  A self-love disciple, her writing encourages women of color to cultivate vibrant lives prioritizing self-care. Stop by her website at and visit her on instagram @ALifeWellMade.

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