#TestimonyTues - Staying Strong

June 03, 2014


Picture 4I wanted to share my story of weight loss since joining BGR Tampa.  I started running last year around February and then had a relapse when my husband was hospitalized and diagnosed with End Stage Kidney Disease.  After that I went into a depression and began drinking way more then I should and started slacking on running until my sister April brought it to my attention.  Well needless to say after that I started running with BGR Tampa again and was motivated by the sisterhood and everyone being so welcoming.  It made running all the more easier. I've been using running as my stress reliever with my husbands situation and it's been a great benefit as I have become healthier and more fit.  I've absolutely fallen in love with running.  In 2013, my first year of running, I completed 9 races; 6-5ks, 1-10k and 2 half marathons.  I've shed a lot of weight and gained a lot of confidence.  My goal for this year is to complete 14 races and complete my first full marathon. I am in such a happy place since I started running.  I tell everyone how beneficial it is.  The same sister who told me I was drinking too much is now out on the pavement with BGR.  I just get excited talking about it. Bless ~ Kesha King

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