She’s Gotta Have It! – Thirteen Must Haves for Race Day

May 07, 2014


UntitledBy Myra “MeeMee” Taylor Have you ever driven all the way to a race site, triumphantly maneuvering your way to the front of the start line, only to realize you forgot something important at home? Worst feeling in the world! It’s happened to me more times than I’d like to say. I finally figured out an easy solution: a handy list of 13 Gotta Haves!
  1. Racing Bib: If you don’t pin it to your clothes ahead of time, it’s easy to overlook. Don’t forget the bobby pins!
  2. ID/Money/Insurance Card: I’d rather have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.
  3. GPS Watch: It is useful for monitoring your distance and speed. I feel totally lost without it!
  4. Energy Snacks: Have to have my gels or Gu Chomps, especially for those long runs.
  5. Water Bottle: Ever hear those horror stories of races running out of water and cups? Yeah, that’s why I like to bring my own, just in case….
  6. Music: A good song on my MP3 player (like DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat!”) will push me through the wall like nobody’s business!
  7. Sunglasses: You don’t need sun AND sweat in your eyes!
  8. Gum: One time I forgot it and just wanted to go home. #GumAddict
  9. Tissue: Am I the only one whose nose runs like crazy while I’m running?
  10. Cell Phone: Great for coordinating with friends who are also running and for taking pictures.
  11. Fanny pack/Armpocket/Flipbelt: Gotta have something to hold all this other stuff!
  12. Compression Socks: They are great during or after the race to help legs recover faster.
  13. Flip Flops: My tired, sweaty feet hate my running shoes by the end of race. #SayNoToFootFungus
My list hangs on my refrigerator until I need it on race days. Make a list of your own Gotta Haves and never forget anything important again! Myra “Meemee” Taylor is a proud member of the BGR-Los Angeles Chapter. Check out her humorous blog,, for tips on saving money and her short story “Lavender Sheets” in the sci-fi anthology The Memory Eater available on Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano / Flickr

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