#RedLipFit: How You Can Wear Makeup While You Exercise

April 30, 2014


1966108_10152305660087193_629041006_o   By Esta Fiesta There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good when you go for a run, but don’t stop at a well-coordinated outfit and sleek ponytail – rock a red lip too! Tracee Ellis Ross recently took to Instagram to share photos of herself working out in a bare face except for red lip. The actress wrote that she likes the pop of color she sees when she glances into the mirror and suggested others try it and share their photos on Instagram with the tag #RedLipFit. Most dermatologists would advise against wearing makeup while sweating it out, as heavy creams can lead to clogged pores and other skin problems. Lipstick on the other hand doesn’t come in contact with your face, so it’s safe to wear without ruining your skin! Lipstick is also one of few types of makeup that won’t get ruined as you sweat - it stays in place no matter how hard you exercise. Sweating it out in the gym? Think about the confidence boost you’ll get when you glance up in the mirror and see how cute you look. Better yet, think about how much easier it is for that nearby hottie to notice you! A red lip offers an easy way to look glam while you workout. Are you the type to chronicle your workouts on social media? Take a selfie as you sweat it with your best red lip and tag it #RedLipFit so we all can see!  Esta Fiesta is currently a freelance writer based in New York City. She spends her free time pursuing new music, chasing down the waffle truck,  and, of course, shopping.    

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