Webinar: Healthy Eating Strategies (Presented by UnitedHealthcare)

April 24, 2014


Grocery shopping...it’s a task that most of us do on a regular basis but do you really put a lot of thought into the food items that you plan to purchase? Do you actually have a strategy in place to help you choose the healthiest foods for you and your family? What about eating on the go? In the midst of your busy schedule, do you take the time to plan accordingly so that you don’t end up grabbing foods that weigh you down as opposed to foods that give you fuel to keep up your busy pace? If you struggled with answering any of these questions, then this webinar may be for you! Our expert speakers will provide helpful information about nutrition and give you tips that steer you in the right direction during your next trip to the grocery store. Also, you’ll receive advice from a celebrity chef about healthy ways to prepare traditional dishes as he takes you through a few recipes, and shares some fun and healthy ways to eat while you are traveling or on the go. Register today at http://event.netbriefings.com/event/gow/Live/healthyfoods/register.html   M54123-A Webinar_email attachment

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