#TestimonyTues: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

April 22, 2014


photo (1)By: Jackie Simpson, BGR! Jackson Member
My name is Jackie Simpson from Jackson, Mississippi. I became a member of BGR Jackson January 2013 at the start of the local group. I am also a co-lead for WalkB4URUN Training program.  My weight loss journey began July 2012 after I gained 100 pounds after two pregnancies over the course of four years. I was introduced to cross training and boot camp by my brother and lost 30 pounds from July 2012 to December 2012. I knew I needed to add more cardio to my workouts to burn and reach my ultimate weight loss goal of 100 pounds. I had previously run prior to marriage and children but let it go. I prayed to learn to run again and to never stop running. Over the past year I’ve been running with my BGR sisters to achieve my goal. So far, I’ve lost a total of 85 pounds and counting. I run at least 4-5 times a week maybe more depending on my training needs. I have completed numerous 5K’s/10K’s/3 half marathons (number 4 this upcoming weekend) over the last year as well as transitioning to a vegetarian and eventually vegan. I will be running my first marathon September 28, 2014 at the Berlin Marathon, I am super excited and honored to have won a spot in the lottery. I’ve learned over the last year with BGR to fall back in love with running, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”. I am happy to be a member of BGR and plan to continue for many years. Go BGR!

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