April 15, 2014


pictureThere are thousands of runners who are part of the Tribesports community - from first time 5k runners to ultra marathon elites, and every level in between. What's more, these runners are all over the globe, from all walks of life. That's why, we want to hear and see your running stories.

How to take part: #RunWithMe

Share up to 5 photos of your running story - upload them as an album into the Run The World Tribe or simply #RunWithMe on Twitter or Instagram (yep, you can upload multiple photos in one Tweet now!) and we'll send them back to you as your own animated gif. Alternatively, you can send in your photos via email to team@tribesports.com.
We cannot wait to see your pictures!!!
Learn more about the Tribesports community and brand by checking out their site.They currently have a survey live, asking sportspeople for their input into the newest products that are going to be added to the Tribesports range, 2-in-1 shorts for men and Sports Bras for women. These were voted for as the next products by their users last year. Here is the initial blog inviting people to vote on the next products to be introduced and the blog post announcing the results just to give you a bit more background. Their community of sportspeople also voted for the new colours to be added to the range. Here is a link to the survey - https://tribesports.com/shop/product-vote-april-14
Happy Running!

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