How often do you get a checkup from yor doctor?

April 11, 2014



How often do you go get a checkup from your doctor? Of course, when you were a child you were required by law to get a checkup and immunization shots each year. However, once we become an adult it's our responsibility to make sure we visit the doctor at least once a year. Yes you are reading this and probably saying, "What is she talking about? We all know this". We all know this, but do we actually do it is the question!

Before you start any kind of exercise program, you should check with your doctor first to make sure you are healthy and injury free. How many times have you seen someone post about chest pains? Having a hurt foot? Sore muscles or bruising in areas they wouldn't normally have them? A lot of times we like to treat ourselves for aches and pains and that is okay; but when those aches and pains are not gone after a few ice packs, massages and an Epsom salt bath you may want to schedule a doctor's appointment.  If you have an ache or pain that last over a week or two you need to seek professional advice. Don't let it linger, because it can turn into something else. Most of the time we think the icing, massages and soaking will help, but it could be making it worse if it is not done properly.  I have posted a chart below that explains when you should use heat or ice on an injury. Be smart and visit a doctor when you are not able to self treat yourself. Heat-or-Ice1 photo credit:

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